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have intertwined To Build into
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voiceover and dubbing services

But our dedication goes

“ d e e p e r ”

Guided by a philosophy called

Rare for Rare

akin to unearthing rare gems amidst precious stones

We've set a compass towards nothing less than excellence.

Our partners embody the very essence of our mission :

From the...

masterful strokes of professional voiceover talents who turn scripts into symphonies,

By harnessing the synergy of cutting-edge technology and cultural expertise in authentic voiceover, tailored dubbing, and multilingual voice artists, we drive your expansion,

ensuring your message resonates universally, transcending linguistic boundaries.

In our V Partners' Gallery,
we proudly Shine a Spotlight

on the diverse tapestry of individuals
Who Breathe Life into every project.

V Partners



Pupe currently serves as the Artistic Director of the Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM) and is an independent performing arts producer and curator.

Sasapin (Pupe) Siriwanij has been a prominent figure in the Bangkok arts scene since 2008, excelling as an actress and performer in stage productions, Thai and international feature films, with expertise in theater and contemporary dance. At the core of the avant-garde B-Floor Theatre, Pupe wears multiple hats as a performer, producer, and the creative force behind international collaborations. Her extensive career includes serving as a Voice Director for Thai localization, excelling as a news anchor, and contributing to educational institutions as a guest lecturer.

Suranya Poonyaphitak


Organ's career in performing arts is marked by her dedication, versatility, and commitment to fostering artistic endeavors, making her a key presence in the contemporary Thai theatre scene.

Suranya (Organ) Poonyaphitak embarked on her journey in the world of Thai theatre shortly after college, collaborating with esteemed theatre companies such as Democrazy Theatre Studio, B-floor Theatre, and various independent Thai artists since 2012. Beyond her role with Bangkok International Children's Theatre Festival (2016 to present), Organ is an active member of the Producers of Thai Performing Arts Network (POTPAN) and the Contemporary Arts & Culture Industry Promotion Trade Association (Thailand) (CAPT).

Jarunun Phantachat


With an extensive portfolio spanning theater, film, and interdisciplinary collaborations, Jaa Phantachat's artistic journey is a testament to creativity, innovation, and a commitment to addressing important social issues through performing arts.

Awards and recognitions, including the Silapathorn Award for performing arts in 2014, Best Direction of a Play/Performance/Musical award in 2015, and Best Actress honors in various film festivals, speak of Jaa Phantachat's outstanding contributions to the world of art and performance. In 2022, Jaa directed "I say Mingalaba, You say goodbye" at Kyoto Experiment 2022 and co-directed the compelling documentary theater production "I Don’t Care ไม่ว่าอย่างไร" which addressed transgender issues in collaboration with B-floor and Residenztheater, Munich.

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